Join Our Team

Becoming a … partner / teacher / volunteer / start a school

In Akshara Vidyaashram we have a variety of projects that comprise different people working together. Embracing those differences and sharing the passion to build a better future we are always open to enlarge our team.

Are you an educator, artist, cook, farmer, scientist, house wife, business person, architect, driver, senior or any individual who has experience or aptitude to share and learn from every experience at the same time?


Anytime is possible, even one day or even one hour is enough to share and exchange an idea, a positive activity, a wakening thought. We also encourage people to stay for sometime and learn about the community and create lifetime bonds with children and colleagues.


Make a contact with us, send an email or drop by our offices to meet us. Teaching, seminars, counseling, in situ advisory, online volunteering, art workshops, outdoor activity, etc the possibilities are endless.


Sometimes we are missing an enriching part in our daily life, becoming part of an evolving project and team gives the possibility of a life of learning and discovering new opportunities to grow together.

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