The school’s ambience is set such that it hosts itself to a 1000 tree collection of brilliant flora, handpicked by an intense naturalist of the country. Its sprawling 27 acres of undulated greenery is also breeding house for an expansive number of species of fauna. The hanging nests of the weaver birds is a picturesque sight to all bird watchers and a thrilling feast to the sight of our students .Not to mention the incessant chirpy notes of many a mysterious bird family, residing on the campus. The serene atmosphere lends beauty to herself, holding an overview, on the banks of the rain fed river, Pennar. Inside the campus, one could hear the constant gurgling of water, meandering along, beneath a low wooden bridge, a favorite spot – for most of our teachers and students.

Sitting under one of the trees, a cool shelter on warm sunny days, one could easily get connected to the forces of the five elements of Mother Nature — The Water, the Fire, the Earth, the Sun and Ether. Every day our prayers invoke each of them for their blessings.
The high energy circuit is always, thus kept live —- charging all those who are embraced by Her aura.