No individual becomes redundant at any juncture in life. Life still has a lot of meaning after one retires from active service in his/her career. But where could I go and what would I do there? Would a change make a meaning, after all?
Yes, why not?

A welcome change could make all the difference— an environment that would lead you to self- discovery, a vibrant community of young adults, a go-green space with bountiful organic produce catering to live a healthy body and to top it all, a happy assignment.

With us, life after retirement could become a life of sharing, caring and contentment, leading to inner peace and serenity, for those in search of these eluding factors in life.

We are the people who could provide you with all of these in a “nature-connect” ambience at our residential quarters. You could lend your services in taking care of our students by volunteering as wardens, mentors, tutors, teachers at school, instructors, librarians, kitchen organizers, soil enthusists or actual real life role models or even, simply, just BE with us!

Period of stay, no bar. Stays as short as a couple of months or stays as long as a couple of years or even more! You are most welcome, however.

Come, stay and enjoy the experience of getting connected to your inner self in such a like minded community.

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