Secondary Curriculum

Learning occurs both at individual as well as peer group level and lies in the process of building knowledge and skills. The curriculum encompasses the major learning areas- Language, Mathematics, Science, Social science, Physical Education and Fine arts. CBSE has recently introduced a grade system. Formative Assessments tasks are given which include a lot of activities and infusion of core values and life-skills. Assessments are done both on scholastic and Non-scholastic areas. Emphasis is also laid on lateral thinking and creative thinking. The purpose is to destress education.

At this level we intend to give the student an exposure to various things happening around them. Meeting people and visiting places would again emphasize that learning can take place almost anywhere. By the end of schooling we envision every student to be a young adult – completely confident with a continuous connectivity to the infinite.

  1. We instill the values of love and care in our students.
  2. We help them reconnect with Nature by working around the Five Elements with them.
  3. Our approach to education nurtures their creativity and love for knowledge.
  4. We present them with freedom, out of which they learn to become responsible individuals.
  5. Monthly field trips expose them to the world outside of school .
  6. Weekly club activities help them maximize their innate talents and skills.
  7. Holistic education teaches them to nurture their body, mind and soul.
  8. Body awareness comes through sports, good food habits and the importance of rest and exercise.
  9. Mind strengthens through regular sessions of meditation, yoga and good read books, and of course, adequate focus to academics.
  10. Soul nourishments happen through prayers, self awareness and daily habits of finding happiness in everything around them.

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