Primary Curriculum

The objectives of Indian Education have always been to enhance the holistic profile of each child,so CBSE is making every effort towards it. There is no concept of pass and failure at primary level. The purpose is to make learning a joyful experience. Assessment of students is based on the grade system. Importance is also given to arts,music, painting dance at the primary level so that the learner is more empowered with required qualities.

We follow elements of Waldorf in our Primary school as well. Our integrated learning in Classes 1 and 2 where all the subjects are learnt through a common focal – a story. Knowing how much children enjoy stories and how much of an impact it has on them – we have concepts of math and science merged within them just the way it is in real life.

Nature plays a vital role in educating a child, the most subtlest and finest things are learnt from Mother Nature. Our primary curriculum is bent towards creating a connectivity between nature and the child. A part of our curriculum is based on farming, to make the connectivity stronger. 

1. We instill the values of love and care in our students.
2. We help them reconnect with Nature by working around the Five Elements with them.
3. Our approach to education nurtures their creativity and love for knowledge.
4. We present them with freedom, out of which they learn to become responsible individuals.
5. Monthly field trips expose them to the world outside of school .
6. Weekly club activities help them maximize their innate talents and skills.
7. Holistic education teaches them to nurture their body, mind and soul.
8. Body awareness comes through sports, good food habits and the importance of rest and exercise.
9. Mind strengthens through regular sessions of meditation, yoga and good read books, and of course, adequate focus to academics.
10. Soul nourishments happen through prayers, self awareness and daily habits of finding happiness in everything around them.

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