My (hi)story…

The story of my inception began in the year 1993 with twenty springs, budding onto blossoms, as witness to my graceful growth. I was born unto to the lap of a powerful visionary CK Vijayalaskhmi and fostered jointly with an ardent believer in my mission, Radhika Mohan. Both of them were young mothers, who, in their course of neighborly speculations about the then prevailing education system, opened their minds to a novel approach to it, in the name of B & B Play School.The former’s daughter and the latter’s son were the first two of my students. With another 20 students and three teachers in my bosom, the school started flourishing extremely well and two decades later, today I stand sentinel to a staggering 650 students, 40 teachers and about 1200 parents, all with a futuristic thinking about the changes that are a constant challenge to the meaning of life and its living.

All those I see in the portals of my avenue have just two commonalities : everyone here questions education and everyone here has a passionate love for children.

“I see : I learn ; I read : I understand ; I do : I remember” Is the famous Chinese adage they all adhere to.

Happy Schooling with Happy Learning in a Home away from Home — a place where children cannot but help calling their teachers as Aunties tells me, we are a happy family. No bags, no books, no homework, no tests were the benchmark tags that always kept the school in a fever of excitement and eager anticipation of the day ahead. Leaning was never a painful process but a joyful experience. The peels of fun filled laughter , muffled by the muted voices of interactive teaching and active learning, would echo around the walls of the classrooms, long after I closed, well past into the silent nights.

Thus I remained, till I branched out to get upgraded to classes 6, 7 and 8. The word ‘exams’ started ringing in my ears but I also heard sighs of relief, from all quarters when ‘No Marks – Only Grades” were announced. Competitions for all — no prizes— participation certificated for all — many such path breaking thoughts were welcomed by our ever supportive parents.

All this, I understood, was to keep my students very confident with a good sense of self esteem, so that they would feel good about themselves at all times, whatever they may be or do.

In the year, 2003, I emerged as a full fledged CBSE school donning a new feather to my cap in the name of Akshara Vidyaashram. This did sit elegantly on my shoulders with my students going for the Board Exams from the year 2004. Also, from one long, meandering strip of classroom arrangement in a small campus, I embarked on to a rampant 25 acres of sprawling greenery, with an awesome building, architected by a British engineer and interiored aesthetically by his Israeli counterpart.

I am, indeed thrilled, to say that today I have seen and bid goodbye to 9 batches of students, all in flying colors of achievement and glory, bringing laurels to me in their results.

As I see my students walking past my gates every day, I am filled with pride to say that each of them is bound to be a beautiful human being with a beautiful mind, sure to reach the pinnacle of success in whatever he or she chooses to do.

I can also see the seen and unseen, known and unknown forces playing silently on all of us and leading us along the path of our destiny, with my two mentors at its helm.

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