Akshara believes that entrepreneurship is listening to one’s inner voice and following it with complete belief. It is about charting a new path in the field of one’s passion. We seek to provide an avenue for students who want to innovate, ruminate and actualize their vision into reality through creation of sustainable models of ventures for themselves and the society. The current socio-economic scenario of the country calls for more people to explore newer vocational fields, connect with our cultural roots, revive lost vocations, generate employment and enhance the happiness of society as a whole. Entrepreneurship is a solution not just to unemployment in the economy but also to the dissatisfaction faced by many in their mundane jobs due to lack of freedom and interest in their work. At Akshara, our vision is to enable the creative forces within each individual to blossom naturally.
  • Ages 15-18 is an ideal time, to take risks, try new things and to put forth new ideas;
  • A time when you are not tied down by commitments;
  • A time when you don’t have the fear of failure;
  • A time when expectations of the society from an individual are limited;
  • A time when you can grow the leader within you!
The school of entrepreneurship opens the doors for students to a huge wide world of opportunities to be explored and experimented with. There will be no limit to what they can achieve as they will be encouraged to chart a path of their own. The overall philosophy and pedagogy of the school will ensure that students emerge as successful entrepreneurs who shall remain cheerful, courageous and confident individuals, connected with their roots as they move out to achieve their dreams.
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To become an entrepreneur is to embark on a magical, thrilling, unpredictable, life-changing adventure.

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LWe understand that many students, today, want to study subjects that are not offered in science or commerce streams. The artist in the students is unable to sit through 6 hours of rigorous academics and wants to imagine and implement his/her dream. We at Akshara, envision to introduce students to a world beyond science and commerce where imagination is nurtured to transform into reality. Our school offers the balance to the mind and soul of the students which helps channelize their ideas and energy towards a meaningful and joyous learning for all.

A glimpse at the curriculum

We will be offering 5 streams to the students with Entrepreneurship, English and Business Studies being common subjects. Students can choose two other subjects of their choice from the following options. All the electives provided are major subjects approved by the CBSE.

•  Fashion Studies – English . Entrepreneurship . Business studies . Fashion studies . Fine Arts
•  Heritage Craft– English . Entrepreneurship . Business studies . Fine Arts . Heritage craft
•  Multimedia– English . Entrepreneurship . Business studies . Graphic Design . Multimedia and Web technology
•  General Entrepreneurship– English . Entrepreneurship . Business studies . Accountancy . Economics
•  Agriculture– English . Entrepreneurship . Business studies . Accountancy . Economics . Agriculture

Going beyond the curriculum

Akshara is a school that focuses on nurturing socially responsible entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurship program provides a vista of opportunities beyond the curriculum to the students for development of their skills and to bring them closer to life. Through exposure to field work, case studies in classrooms, group work, visioning exercises and workshops with experts, our course design will help the students to:

•  Hone leadership skills using reflective strategies
•  Be analytical as well as thoughtful in their approach
•  Learn financial literacy and management
•  Start a venture and get hands-on experience of running a business
•  Run the School Cafe, Honesty shop and Library, organize school celebrations
•  Meet entrepreneurs and visit their enterprises
•  Intern with an Entrepreneur during summer break
•  Go back to basics with organic farming, run the school farm by working in it
•  Get glimpses of spiritual experiences through travel and reading
•  Attend exchange programs with other schools in India and abroad.


Akshara ‘s pedagogical methods include learning via experience. We believe that the students should feel what they are learning and understand the intricate details of a subject by doing it on their own. Books are used as resources to assist a subject but our focus is to let the students think and question ideas, processes and methods in order to comprehend the subject matter. Therefore, we have a pool of mentors and teachers, experts in their field of work, who will engage with the students in participative learning and assist in developing the entrepreneur within the students. We will be inviting guest faculty from various backgrounds, who are first generation entrepreneurs, for conducting workshops with students. These workshops will be designed in order to cover the various streams offered in school. Meeting entrepreneurs in person will help clear the numerous doubts that students have about running their own ventures. The workshop will provide a space to ask questions and clarify the thought process of the students and develop various perspectives in them to look at their future.


Admissions to class 11 are open for the academic year 2020-21. We will select 25 students across the country for the program through an aptitude assessment followed by discussions with the prospective students and their parents.

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